Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The “Occupied Territories” A Meme of Power to Describe All the OWS Locales

By Rob Kall,, Oct 25, 2011

I first heard the term, “Occupied Territories” from Vanessa, a press person and occupier living at Occupy Philly.

Occupied territories!!

It struck me as such a more powerful word than the words I had been using to describe the different Occupy Wall Street locales and communities.

Locales or communities exist. They are. But Occupied Territories, well that’s a term with some muscle in it, some fight, some power.

Sadly, it is often used to describe territories controlled by invading armies, like Israel occupying the Palestinian lands. israelis refer to the land as the “Occupied Territories” or “the territories.”

But here, in America, and throughout the world, the Occupy Wall Street movement represents a new kind of occupation– the kind that reared its head in Tunisia and Egypt’s Tahrir Square that led to a bottom up movement of the people waking up and taking back their land, their control of their nation and their lives.

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