Tuesday, October 04, 2011

SRI LANKA: Increasing number of crimes in Sri Lanka terrified with another death of woman

AHRC, Oct. 4, 2011
Ms. Srini Wasana Amaratunga
Urgent Appeal Case : On 25 September body of Ms. Srini Wasana Amaratunga was found at the Elakanda, Wattala in the Gampaha District. Srini had been missing since the morning of the 24th and her relatives made a complaint to the Negombo police. As is customary, the police took no action until her body was found a police team on patrol attached to the Wattala Police Station. This is a one of a series of cases which have occurred in the last several months where women have been abducted and robbed for their jewellery and money. The Asian Human Rights Commission has observed an increased in the daily occurrence of crimes in every part of the country and the law enforcement agencies are doing nothing to carry out their statutory duties. The lethargic approach of these officers and the undue delays in the judiciary have exasperated the situation to the point where the general public live in constant fear. This case is yet another illustration of the exceptional collapse of the rule of law in the country.

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