Friday, October 07, 2011

USA: Protesters Gather at Freedom Plaza, March on Washington

Hundreds of activists gathered in Washington to protest the government’s wars and corporatism

by John Glaser,,  October 06, 2011
Freedom Plaza is an open block in the middle of D.C. in between the White House and the Capitol Building, and on Thursday it was packed with activists and concerned citizens protesting against the government’s wars and corporatism.

Freedom Plaza
Well over 500 people showed up to protest, which had initially been focused on the war in Afghanistan. The website, set up months prior in preparation, contained a pledge that many participants signed: “I pledge that if any U.S. troops, contractors, or mercenaries remain in Afghanistan…I will commit to being in Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., with others on that day or the days immediately following, for as long as I can, with the intention of making it our Tahrir Square, Cairo…”

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