Monday, November 21, 2011

Egypt: Revolutionaries recapture Tahrir Square in a ‘replay’ of January uprising

Security forces are expelled from the square by anti-SCAF protesters following two days of battles that many are calling the ’19th and 20th days’ of Egypt’s ongoing revolution

Yassin Gaber,   Ahram Online,   Monday 21 Nov 2011
Following a deadly standoff in Cairo’s Tahrir Square at sunset, thousands of protesters regained their ground, successfully expelling the military police and soldiers – dressed in riot gear and wielding bludgeons and electroshock weapons – who stood before rows of Central Security Forces (CSF) firing barrage after barrage of tear gas. The streets of downtown Cairo were filled with fleeing protesters, weaving their way through burning trees and thick clouds of the toxic gas.

When the square was finally reclaimed, at least three protesters had been reported killed, with a fourth death later reported from a makeshift field hospital.

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