Sunday, November 06, 2011

Israel set to attack over Iran nuclear risk

From: The AustralianNovember 07, 2011 

ISRAELI President Shimon Peres has warned that an attack on Iran was “more and more likely,” ahead of tomorrow’s release of a report by the UN nuclear watchdog, which is expected to say Tehran has tested nuclear triggering technology and modified ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads. 

Mr Peres told Israeli television’s second channel: “The intelligence services of the different countries that are keeping an eye on (Iran) are worried and putting pressure on their leaders to warn that Iran is ready to obtain the nuclear weapon.”

“We must turn to these countries to ensure that they keep their commitments . . . this must be done, and there is a long list of options,” Mr Peres declared.

In the past week, Israel has test-launched a nuclear-capable Jericho 3 missile, which can reach Iran. On Thursday, it completed a major civil defence drill in the Tel Aviv region aimed at simulating a response to conventional and non-conventional missile attacks. The drill fuelled speculation that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was pressing his military for a decision about when and how to strike Iran.

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