Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once again, destination Iran The Obama Predicament-and the Final Option!

Rev. Richard Skaff, Information Clearing House, Nov 21, 2011

To attack or not to attack Iran?” That is the question!

What does president Obama have to do to get re-elected in 2012, and delay the total collapse of the global economic system that has been based on fiat money, black gold (oil), and an elite ponzi scheme that sucked the wealth out of every individual and nation? 

Every American president sets the stage for the next one, in order to continue the work in progress that has been set for him by the global corporate elite.  Mr. Obama has been a faithful serf to his money masters, and he played his cards carefully and correctly, therefore, he will deserve a second term. 

However, living beyond our means by financing an empire that we can’t afford through borrowing massive amounts of money from the global financial elite embodied in the private Federal Reserve, and accruing more and more debt can go so far before the empire of cards collapses on itself. 

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