Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jesus 2011

By Badri Raina – Delhi, Dec 24, 2011

Jesus of Nazareth, I tell you
You remain much in my heart.
In moments when the world disappears,
I have sight of you in  tattered white robe
And matted shoulder-length hair
Walking the  desert towards the sea,
Turning your back on us
Who are now money changers all.
But listen to my short little wish:
May those that are destined to go in 2012
Do so quickly and quietly,
Without pain or regret.
And, may those that last the year
Cease to give to Caesar
What is never Caesar’s,
And  may Caesar be obliged to    
Yield to them all that Caesar has stolen.
Assure me that much,
And your divinity shall be mine as well.
Smile, O wise one, and  be born tonight
Afresh into  an innocence timelessly bright.
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