Friday, December 02, 2011

A Protester’s Poem

By ,, Dec 1, 2011

Republicans or Democrat, are really both the Same.
Conspiring together for an advantage in the Game.
They Steal all the money, yet still crave all the Fame.
Praying to an Indifferent God and Killing in his Name.
Don’t speak against the Government, don’t even make a peep.
The whole world is Flooded, the Bullshit’s way too Deep.
Will the people ever wake up, or are they fast Asleep?
The Masses are so stupid, they’re just a bunch of Sheep.
When they take to the Streets you sit and wonder WHY.
You show their faces on TV but still IGNORE their Cry.
You just keep on repeating the same old tired LIE.
“Greed is Good” you scream, so just “Shut-up and Die.”
We owe these leaders everything, so let us all say Thanks.
By occupying Wall street and have a run on all the Banks.
Then batten down your hatches and tighten up your Flanks.
They’ll be sending in the Army and rolling out the Tanks.
So Stand up all Ye Patriots, there’s nothing left to Fear.
Stock up on your Ammo, the Global War is Near.
Start hoarding bottled water, Twenty-Twelve will be the Year.
But most of all remember, DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR.

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