Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boycott the Colonial-Settler-Apartheid State!

Photo by Michael Letwin, January 14, 2012

Editor's Comment: In many European countries products from the Zionist-European entity called ‘Israel’ are openly sold. The power of Zionists and their right-wing sympathisers in Europe and North America is incredible. But some trade unions and political organisations have tried to mobilise people to boycott such products from the colonial-settler State.

It is important for democratic people to clarify what this Israel is and how its agricultural products are in fact from the stolen land that belonged to the people of Palestine. Under criminal law, buying stolen good from a criminal is a crime. The same thing applies to products from this colonial-settler State. Thus many people, inadvertently though, are aiding and abetting a criminal State and thus become accomplices in an international crime.
                                                                                      Nasir Khan, Editor
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