Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Imran Khan and Pakistani people’s expectations

 You Tube: Imran Khan

By Nasir Khan,  October 16, 2012

In response to a  post on Facebook, I  wrote the following short comment:
I also hope that Imran Khan may prove to be a better leader if he comes to power. But the power-game is not one-man show and it is never so easy when you are inside the ring. Once in power and on the way to political power many people with good intentions have completely changed their directions from their earlier lofty objectives because realpolitik and entrenched interests of state and society left no options for them. This is how power operates in reality. Pakistan in this sense cannot be an exception.

Without casting any doubts on the good intentions and sincerity of Imran Khan, let’s look at another instance of a promising leader, who had made tall claims to bring a big change in his country and the world. This was Obama during his campaign trail to the White House. The vast majority around the globe was jubilant that the dark long shadow of Bush’s murderous reign was finally to be replaced by a decent, peace-loving and well-educated man.

But what happened is before us. Obama has proved to be the opposite of what he had made us believe about him and his foreign policy. He has made a joke of the international law and has carried out the policies of his predecessor. He has remorselessly been killing people in Pakistan and other places by using his Drones. This is the picture of a man who said one thing and has done otherwise once he had reached the White House.
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