Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Israeli terror against the aid ship to Gaza

Nasir Khan,  October 23, 2012

Many in Norway and the rest of the world are shocked over the way the Zionists have behaved towards the aid activists to Gaza. But this sort of behaviour towards the aid volunteers including Aksel Hagen shows the total indifference of the apartheid state of Israel towards the rest of the world. It has turned Gaza into the largest concentration camp in the world in total violation of all norms of international behaviour and international law merely because it controls American Government and its foreign policy.

At the same time, all peace-loving activists and sympathisers to the dispossessed and captive Palestinians solute the activists on Estelle for their courage to show solidarity with the captive population of Gaza. The illegal blockade of Gaza is also a major offence against all those people who stand for justice for the Palestinians, respect for international law, the Geneva Conventions, and the UN Charter.
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