Thursday, December 13, 2012

Israel and India: Brothers In Occupation of Kashmir

Editor’s remarks: In fact, right from 1947 Indian occupation forces in Kashmir have had an iron-fist policy to maintain Indian hold over Jammu and Kashmir and to crush any resistance or voice against the occupation. The architect of this colonial and fascist policy was none other than Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of Independent India. In crushing the rebellion in Kashmir that started in 1989, Israeli leadership has actively assisted India in suppressing the Kashmiris. The military and strategic partnership of the Zionists and extreme right-wing Hindutva rulers and India’s open tilting towards Washington after the collapse of the Soviet Union signalled the dawn of new geopolitical order. The beleaguered Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir were isolated and their long resistance and their demand for freedom from Indian occupation were most brutally crushed by the Indian army. The strategic partnership with Israel and US also saw the import of Israeli weapons to India which Indian rulers used against the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir. India used Zionists advisers in dealing with Kashmiri Muslims because they (Zionists) had gained much experience in dealing with the captive population of Palestine.
Nasir Khan, Editor
Jonathan Azaziah,  Mask of Zion,  September 29, 2010
Torture. Secret prisons. Rape. Incessant murder of civilians. Military-enforced curfew. Suppression of information. Kidnapings. Property destruction. Ethnic cleansing. Scorched earth policies. Protests. Mass graves. Humiliation. Beatings. Missing persons. Intimidation. Occupation. No, this is not a description of the life of Palestinians under the 62 year occupation of the Zionist entity. No, this is not a description of the life of civilians living under brutal US-UK military occupation in Iraq or Afghanistan. This is a description of the life of civilians in Kashmir, under the despicable, savage and inhumane Indian occupation which has been in place for 63 years. Palestine has been politicized over and over by corrupt Arab and Muslim leaders. It has been used for propaganda by Western politicians vying for support from the Zionist lobby by bowing down to Israel, as well as the Zionist media to disseminate the ‘Israel is the victim’ theme and smear Palestinian Resistance. Kashmir however, isn’t even mentioned at all. It is disregarded by the dictators and monarchies of the Middle East. It is disregarded by the Zionist puppets and demagogues of the West. Kashmir has become a forgotten occupation (1).

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