Friday, August 09, 2013

Eid Mubarak a thousand times

by Badri Raina, Aug 2013

Finally, our actions must make
Our wishes  horses,  so we ride
To embrace every one’s human need;
Let that be the gift of this year’s  Eid.
Let  illiterate doctrine  stay above,
And angry  law yield to love.

Let the grand Mufti drink copiously
Of the  incandescent  wisdom of  Chisti.
Let Kabir, Nanak, Bulla, Farid
Illuminate the meaning of Eid.

Let not the husband beat the wife,
Or the man of god misuse the knife.
Let no one ever again be the “other,”
But  friend, sister, comrade,brother
Across all faiths and denominations,
Lands, rivers, borders, stations.

Let the Allama bow to Ghalib and Mir,
And the music of the Sufi uplift and bear
Our basest  self-righteousness beyond
The hate-filled, scared, sectarian pond.
Let god be found upon the earth,
Dancing to the innocence of mirth.

Eid Mubarak a thousand times,
Ring the bells, unleash the chimes.
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