Monday, July 28, 2014


Nasir Khan, July 28, 2014

I don’t know how to offer my Eid greetings to the millions of people who are hungry, homeless and are victims of wars, violence, oppression and discrimination. 

At this time, Israeli war on Gaza is in the third week. Israeli propaganda and American military, political and diplomatic support for Israel have been instrumental in presenting a totally distorted picture of the Palestine-Israel conflict. By using deceptive tactics and disinformation, they have succeeded in isolating the Palestinians and misleading the world public opinion about the reality of the Israeli occupation and expansion in the occupied territories. 

As a result, the victims are still being portrayed by the western imperial governments and the right-wing mainstream media as the aggressors who are threatening the security of Israel! So the powerful aggressor and occupier has become a victim while the powerless, dispossessed and marginalised Palestinian victim has become a threat to the ‘security’ of Israel!

1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza, who have been under the brutal Israeli blockade for the last seven years, are again being killed indiscriminately by Israeli aerial bombardment, ground forces and naval gunships. Once again, Israel has calculatedly been busy destroying and pulverising their houses, smashing the infrastructure and public utilities in the besieged enclave. Israeli armed forces with their overwhelmingly superior military force and advanced weapons are reducing Gaza to rubble from which it may not recover in the years to come. If the Israeli occupation and blockade will continue as now then any chances of rebuilding Gaza are zero.
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