Saturday, March 14, 2009

Israeli settlers attack homes and stores in


IMEMC, Thursday March 12, 2009

Palestinian sources reported on Wednesday that a group of extremist Jewish settlers attacked dozens of Palestinian homes and stores in East Jerusalem.

The settlers were marching in the city and chanting slogans against Arabs and Palestinians, calling for their expulsion from the Holy City.

The Israeli police did not attempt to intervene, and allowed the settlers to continue their march, which encouraged them to attack Palestinian property, local sources reported.

The settlers chanted “death to Arabs” and other racists slogans while marching in Arab markets and the alleys of the Old City.

The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that different settler groups marched in different parts of the Old City under heavy protection and presence of the Israeli military and police.

The police closed main roads in the Old City barring Palestinians from using them in order to allow the settlers to march.

WAFA stated that dozens of extremist Jews arrived in the Old City by special buses, beginning in the early morning hours of Wednesday, and held prayers at the Western Wall before marching in the alleys of Jerusalem.

They were accompanied by settlers living in East Jerusalem, especially from Sheikh Jarrah area and other outposts in East Jerusalem.

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