Thursday, July 22, 2010

No One Wants to Admit Afghan Failure

By Michael Winship,, July 2010

Editor’s Note: The war in Afghanistan grinds on with a political imperative now more in control of U.S. policy than any military expectation of a meaningful “victory.” Put simply: No one wants to be accused of “losing” on the original front in the “war on terror.”

For Official Washington – both the politicians and the pundits – it remains easier to throw more money and troops at the problem than acknowledge that the war in Afghanistan was a huge mistake, as Michael Winship notes in this guest essay:

A recent headline on the New York Daily News Web site was blunt: “In case you’ve forgotten,” it read, “we’re at war.”

The story was about the deaths of six Americans in Afghanistan in five separate attacks and one accidental explosion, all on the same day. The day before, coalition forces had mistakenly killed six Afghan civilians when an artillery strike missed its target; the day after, the Taliban would kill eleven Afghan policemen and a district governor.

It is the deadliest year of the war in Afghanistan, now the longest in American history.

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