Friday, July 23, 2010

An Open Letter to the People of Israel about Mordechai Vanunu

by Mairead Maguire,, July 21, 2010

Dear friends,

I write to ask for your help in gaining the freedom of a good man, a man of peace and a man of conscience.

In the Jewish scriptures there is great emphasis on justice and freedom and it is for such, for one man, that I write to seek your help.

He will not be aware that I am writing this Appeal, but I do so in the hope that, with your help, it will produce his freedom, and not cause more punishment and cruelty to be inflicted upon him.

I feel when I tell you the story, it will touch your hearts and there will be some among you who will be able to help him gain his freedom.

In May,2010, this man was returned to prison to serve three months for allegedly breaking his prison release restrictions and for speaking to Foreign Media. On Sunday July 11th , 2010, he had his first visit in seven weeks. His brother, Meir, was granted a 30 minute visit. There was a glass window between them and they spoke via the phone. He wore a prison uniform. He is held in the maximum security section. It holds the most notorious criminals in the country, for well known murder cases. About a dozen men are in severe isolation conditions.

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