Monday, August 09, 2010

Fidel Castro voices nuclear warning in Parliament speech

Times of Malta, August 7, 2010

A lively and healthy looking Fidel Castro appealed to US President Barack Obama to prevent a global nuclear war in an emphatic speech today that marked his first official government appearance since emergency surgery four years ago.

The former Cuban leader’s speech before the country’s parliament, along with other numerous recent public appearances, raised questions about how much he will resume a leadership role.

Mr Castro, who turns 84 in a week, arrived on the arm of a helper, waving and smiling as the crowd applauded loudly in unison.

“Fidel, Fidel, Fidel!” the participants chanted. “Long live Fidel!”

Dressed in olive-green fatigues without military insignias, he immediately took the podium and delivered a fiery 11-minute speech on his fears of an impending global nuclear war. He implored President Obama and other wealthy nations to make sure such an event never happens.

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