Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kashmir in Turmoil

By Akhila Raman, ZNet, August 09, 2010

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"Go India, Go Back"
"We'll take bullets on our heads but we'll not give up."
- Tens of thousands of Kashmiris chanting slogans at a rally August 4,2010.

Kashmir Valley has been in turmoil over the past two months with tens of thousands taking to the streets in protest against killings of civilians by the Indian State which is seen as an occupying power by many of the people in Kashmir valley. Since the recent unrest started, at least 32 civilians have been killed and several hundreds injured, many of them due to Indian security forces firing into the unarmed crowd of civilian protestors. This review article examines the recent unrest and the historical roots of the present turmoil and argues that there is a genuine freedom struggle going on against the repressive Indian State by the Kashmiris who are alienated equally with India, Pakistan and the militants and whose grievances have their historical roots in the events of 1947.

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