Friday, August 27, 2010

The Long Road to The Hague: Prosecuting Blair — Part 2

by Lesley Docksey, Dissident Voice, August 24th, 2010

Regime Change

There are few legal justifications for waging war. Where individual states are concerned, every state has the right to self defence (Article 51, UN Charter), but one must prove an attack on one’s territory has taken place (a breach of the state’s sovereignty) or that an attack is genuinely imminent. The only other legal military action is that properly authorised by the Security Council, whether for peace-keeping, intervention or to enforce international law.

People want to see Blair tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity and the supreme crime, the crime of aggression. But another crime was committed when we invaded Iraq and, more importantly, which has now been confirmed by papers released since the invasion and by evidence from the Iraq Inquiry. The crime that Blair committed knowingly, deliberately and because, in his own words “I believe I was right” is regime change.

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