Thursday, August 12, 2010

UN launches Pakistan aid appeal

Al Jazeera, Aug 11, 2010

At least 4 million people will need food assistance across Pakistan for the next three months [AFP]

The United Nations has launched an appeal for $459m to help the victims of devastating floods that have affected more than 14 million people across Pakistan.

The call from the UN’s humanitarian agency on Wednesday came as food prices skyrocketed after huge areas of crops were destroyed by the waters.

“We have a huge task in front of us to deliver all that is required as soon as possible,” John Holmes, the UN humanitarian chief, said at a meeting at UN headquarters.

According to UN figures, more than 1,200 have died and nearly 300,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

“The death toll has so far been relatively low compared to other major natural disasters, but the numbers affected are extraordinarily high,” Holmes warned.

“If we don’t act fast enough, many more people could die of diseases and food shortages.”

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