Tuesday, August 17, 2010

US bombs flood-devastated Pakistan

By Gideon Polya,MWC News, August 14, 2010

Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan abandoned its Independence Day (14 August) celebrations because of the floods disaster but the US has shamelessly continued its cowardly robot drone bombing attacks on defenseless Pakistani villages. Only Sanctions and Boycotts can stop US state terrorism that bombs a flood-devastated Pakistan on Pakistan Independence Day.

It was reported by ABC News today, Indian Independence Day (15 August), that the Pakistani Prime Minister had announced that 20 million Pakistanis are now affected by because of unprecedented floods – but it was also reported today by ABC News that a US drone strike on a NW Pakistan village had killed 13 people and wounded 5.

One wonders what genocidal, racist evil drives the Obama Administration to continue its cowardly, civilian-targeting drone attacks on Pakistani villages as Pakistan suffers an unprecedented flood catastrophe, a disaster linked to profligate American greenhouse gas pollution, Western-imposed global warming and worsening Climate Genocide.

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