Friday, January 21, 2011

Official Records In Jammu And Kashmir ‘Murky’ On ‘Penalised’ Securitymen!

By Syed Junaid Hashmi,, Jan 19, 2011

Official statements contradicting official reports and records only strengthen the impunity security forces enjoy in Jammu and Kashmir. Though several official statements have claimed penalisation of accused security men, but the records fail to shed light on the same. Who was penalized? When? Where and by Whom? These questions continue to puzzle.

Official statements which have a tendency of generating catchy headlines and attracting public eye are seemingly made without even seeking preliminary reports from the officials on ground. A thorough analysis of various reports and statements made by various officials of army and central government apart from the respective home ministers of Jammu and Kashmir explains all.

Ministry of Home Affairs in its Annual Report for the year 2007-08, while referring to the human rights issue, says “Since January, 1994 till December, 2007, out of 1,158 complaints of human rights excesses received against the personnel of the Army and Paramilitary Forces, 1,118 have been investigated, 1,085 of them found false, in 33 cases where the complaints were found genuine, penalties have been imposed on 62 personnel while in 6 cases compensation has been awarded.”

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