Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Day Greetings

Nasir Khan, May I, 2011

May Day greetings to all friends and comrades who struggle for human rights, social justice and peace in the world and to those who support the oppressed people of Palestine living under the curse of Zionist occupation and terror.

Fraternal greetings to  the people of North Africa and the Middle East in their heroic struggle for democracy and human rights, denied to them by  despotic Arab ruling families and their tyrannical system of control and manipulation. 

We condemn the political oppression and social injustice in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Libya,  Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Occupied Palestine, Indian-held Kashmir and in various other countries and regions.

Foreign workers in the Arab Middle East are mistreated and exploited; they have no  civic rights or any redress against the violations of their basic human rights . They live and work under primitive conditions. We ask the international  trade union movement, democratic organizations and writers and journalists to speak out on behalf of the migrants workers. 
We  condemn the militarist policies of  U.S. imperialism, its neo-colonial wars of aggression, the occupation and control of the  third world countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and  its crimes  against humanity with the support of  the NATO partners. American war of terror in Pakistan by drone attacks  kills ordinary tribal people of  Pakistan; such killings are war crimes under international law.

Die Internationale

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