Saturday, June 27, 2015

Killing of the Shia Muslims in Kuwait on June 26, 2015

Nasir Khan, June 27,  2015

Those who commit such crimes have no concern for humans and humanity. They think what they are doing is for Allah and his ‘only true religion’, Islam. They see it as their Jihad, the holy war, for their version of ‘true Islam’ that excludes Shia Muslims and Ahmadis from the fold of Islam. That’s what they have been told by their preachers, teachers and their Muslim political leaders and that’s what they believe in. The depth of ignorance and toxic indoctrination they have defies description.

Let’s have those Muslim teachers, preachers, leaders, theologians, clerics and the laity who have some concern for humans and humanity to speak loudly from their mosques and prayer halls, from the public places, from colleges, universities and madrassas that these killers of other people including the Shia Muslims do NOT stand for Islam in general or Sunni Islam in particular. All people of good will people should unite to eradicate these criminals and murderers.

Unless there is a coordinated campaign against them on a broad scale with a view to ‘educate’ people against these misguided people, killing of ordinary people in the name of Allah and Islam will continue and the blood of innocent will continue to flow. We know that only a minority commits such crimes but all Muslims have to take the blame for the crimes of this minority.

In this struggle, the Sunni people have a lot of responsibility and constructive work to do. It is a fact that we don’t see that happening in any concrete way. So, the field for the killers is open and they know there is no serious effort to stop them.

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