Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why Sadiq Khan made false charges of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn

Nasir Khan, Sep. 20, 2015

Zionists appear in different shapes and brands. Apart from some hard-cooked right-wing supremacists there are also some people who find Zionism a useful tool for their own political objectives. They may have only a verbal commitment in support of the apartheid state, but nothing more than that.

Consequently, such friends of Zionists will support the policies of the Zionist state of Israel with a view to bolster their own political fortunes because they know fully well that the Zionists have the power not only in Israel but also in UK and US. Therefore, when seen in this light, it is not difficult to see what Mr Sadiq Khan says and why he say it.

If by some miracle the Palestinians had such a big power as the Zionists wield, then I am sure he would gladly have supported them instead! In other words, when there are no principles and no political conscience, then such people can resort to any means to gain their objectives.

Labour’s ‘Mayor’ savages Corbyn: Party star Khan damns leader over anti-Semitism

  • Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been sensationally accused of risking inciting terrorist and anti-Semitic attacks in capital by Sadiq Khan
  • Khan, who is Muslim, suggested that Corbyn’s refusal to sing the National Anthem at St Paul’s Cathedral showed he was unfit to be Prime Minister
  • And he denounced the Labour leadership duo’s links to terror groups
  • Khan was recently revealed as the Labour candidate for London Mayor
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