Saturday, May 28, 2016

Inherited beliefs and freethinking

Nasir Khan, May 28, 2016

All human children are born in the same way, according to the physiological and biological reproductive system of human beings. Right from their infancy, they learn about the customs and rituals of their societies through their parents and other close relatives. Of course, they follow the religion of their parents as part of their upbringing and schooling. They had no choice but to follow the religions of their parents.

As grownups, they become convinced of the truth of their own religion. They believe their religion to be the ‘only true one’ while discounting any such truth to other religions! This is more so in conservative and traditional societies world-over.

Only a limited number of people manage to break loose from this mode of thinking and rigid religious indoctrination. Luckily, in western societies that have become multicultural, multi-ethnic and multireligious, there is a marked trend, at least amongst the  people of European descent, to move away from the traditional religious beliefs, while extending  respect to the followers of  all different religions.

This change has come about because of the humanist values and freedom to think and choose in secularised societies.  The people who are most devoted to their religions and deities happen to be the migrants and their descendants of Asian and African origin.

Translation of the Urdu text in the photo:

‘”What a coincidence that people born in a certain religion regard their religion as being the only righteous one!”
 Sam Khan's photo.

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