Monday, July 04, 2016

Violence in the name of religions and gods

 Nasir Khan, July 4, 2016

In the hands of ignorant brutes any religion, good, bad or super, will be turned into a religion of brutality and violence. Killing in the name of religions and gods has a long history.

But there are no easy ways to end such violence, except for to have long-term strategies to meet the challenges of religious extremists. Secular education in traditional societies, cultivation of humanist values, limiting the role of religion only to personal sphere where it does not have any influence on the public sphere and state policies, etc. are some necessary steps.

Without a change in people's thinking and consciousness, organised acts of violence by some people in the name of gods and religions will continue. Meeting violence with violence offers only a temporary and ineffective solution; it can't uproot the causes of violence at the hands of groups and some misguided religious people who have their own militant and anti-human agendas.

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