Saturday, April 08, 2017

Islamist terror in Europe

Nasir Khan
Islamist terror in Europe

It takes only one fanatic Islamist terrorist to commit brutal murders, this time in Stockholm and by doing so make all ordinary peaceful people of Islamic origin, refugees and others, suspect in the eyes of very many people. 

Luckily, the right-wing anti-Muslim organisations have not mobilised white people to attack Muslims wherever they find them. One stumbling block that has stood in their way is the stable political system and humane social values in Europe. Western democracies are based on democratic values and respect for human rights where the rule of law prevails.

But what Islamist terrorists are doing in Europe and other places is very dangerous and harmful for all. They are paving the ground for the European right-wing militant forces to see not only the Islamists, but all Muslim communities in Europe as a threat to European identity and culture. What that can lead is not too difficult to envisage. In fact, Islamist terrorists in Europe are making that possibility a reality. 


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