Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Terrorist bloodbath in Manchester

Nasir Khan, May 23, 2017

Last night a terrorist struck innocent people who were enjoying a concert in Manchester. The number of people this bomber killed and injured by his explosive device is yet another big tragedy written in blood and destruction that we see from time to time. The victims are always innocent people.

I am not able to find words to express my abhorrence at this callous and senseless act of barbarity. But one thing is clear. Such people are not in short supply. Their mentors can always exploit them to commit such crimes. Unfortunately, such vicious acts of killings and mass terror are motivated by hatred, false convictions and ghoulish indoctrination.

First, indoctrinated people can commit any crime without questioning their actions. Secondly, when a cult of violence and ignorance is raised up as sacrosanct then its manipulated followers have no difficulty in pointing to a 'higher cause' for their antihuman actions.

Our sympathies go to the victims of this carnage, their relatives and the traumatised people of Manchester.

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