Saturday, January 13, 2018

Some religious people do good work, some don't

Nasir Khan, January 13, 2018

My Swedish friend, Lars Djerf, who is a Christian believer and a firm supporter of the cause of the Palestinian people wrote a short comment in reply to my post 'Feuerbach on Christianity'.

I reproduce his comment here, followed by my reply:

Lars Djerf wrote: 

As you know Nasir I don't agree with Feuerbach because there are a lot of examples that there are persons who thanks to their Christian belief could get a purpose to fight the evil here on earth

Nasir Khan's reply: 

Lars Djerf, Yes, I know. Some Christians and some (not all) followers of other religions also try their best to fight the injustices in the world. They make an enormous contribution to the cause of peace, helping the victims of wars, poverty and destitution. I always respect such people, and see them as noble friends.

But there are also religious people who kill others, spread hatred against the followers of other religions, victimize religious and ethnic minorities in their countries, support their governments if they invade other countries to kill and plunder the weaker nations and people.

We should also keep in mind what the former US president, George W. Bush, a devout Christian, and the former British prime minster, Tony Blair, another Christian, did, by invading Iraq and their allied forces killed hundreds of thousands Iraqis and destroyed an Arab country. They are Christian leaders and now they are living in peace and comfort.

We had seen that during this barbarian bloodbath and the destruction of Iraq many fundamentalist Christians and Christian Zionists fully supported the war of aggression. These are some simple facts.

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