Sunday, October 28, 2018

Palestinians under Israeli colonial occupation and the Arab rulers

--Nasir Khan, November 27, 2018

The leadership of the Arab world has been corrupt since the end of the Ottoman Sultanate, when, under the European 'Mandatory powers (read: Neo-colonial powers), Britain and France, divided the Middle East according to their imperial interests. 

Now, many Arab regimes, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, are close allies and 'partners' of the Zionists of Israel. They follow the lead of Israel in suppressing the national rights and aspirations of the Palestinians. They are not going to form a power bloc to stand for the occupied Palestinians; they are a long arm of the power of Israel and the United States, all too eager to protect the imperialist and undermine the Palestinian people's struggle for national liberation. 

But the oppressed and marginalized people of Palestine are in a precarious situation. They are victims of imperialism in the most tragic way. Even the leadership of these occupied people in the shape of the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas is doing exactly as Israel wants, despite his periodic speeches in the United Nations for the national rights of the Palestinians. Such a window dressing takes place with the blessings of Israel, because it does no harm to Israel.


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