Thursday, November 29, 2018

Poverty and helpnessness

 -- Nasir Khan

Such were the sights of the poor and the helpless children and of the working class people in the Victorian England that led the two contemporary thinkers Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels to study why the capitalist system was not meant to cater to the needs of the working class people or the poor and unemployed but only to exploit human labour and material resources only for profit. What was true in their day is absolutely true today in many countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. In my original homeland, Pakistan, I have seen seven- and eight-year-old children doing odd jobs to earn money for their families. They are the 'breadwinners' for their poor parents. 

It is true that in the Nordic countries, the economic conditions of the working class people have greatly improved, but the problem of poverty and helplessness in many western countries, including Britain and America, remains.

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