Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The dangers of military conflict between Inda nd Pakistan are growing

Only a few days ago, I wrote the following short article. Now, in the wake of India's air strikes within Pakistan show how the militaristic actions of India can lead to dire circumstance, not only for the two countries, but also for the whole world, simply because the two rival countries have nuclear weapons, and in my view, they wouldn't hold back from using them to gain the upper hand over the other country, thus leading to mass destruction of the two countries and their populations.

India's dangerous course in Kashmir

-- Nasir Khan, February 22, 2019

Will such confrontations between the two countries, which also possess nuclear weapons, help resolve the Kashmir issue? Even if they kill each other on a large scale, in thousands, or even in millions by using their nuclear weapons on the cities, the Kashmir issue will not go away, as it has not for the last seven decades.

The sober people will have to step in to tell the military occupiers of Kashmir that the time has come to seek a political solution in earnest that fully involves the people of Kashmir and allows the people to make a choice for their future as they wish.

The people of Kashmir have seen enough bloodshed and misery. Since 1989, the Indian army in Kashmir has killed about one-hundred-thousand Kashmirs. Why? Because many people had rejected the Indian rule; some militants chose to fight against the Indian rule. Such killings and many other crimes are still being committed by the Indian army but on a smaller scale than before.

If India does not seek a political solution with the people of Kashmir and keeps Kashmir under its rule with the brutal power of its army, the people will continue to resist. That means the innocent Kashmiris will continue to die and also some Indian soldiers will lose their lives. This is bad and ill-conceived policy. It leads to nowhere, but only to more deaths, more destruction and more problems.
If my words reach the leaders of India and Pakistan, then they should seek the help of some sane 

people to diffuse the present dangerous situation, and take concrete steps to find a political solution to end the conflict once and for all. I have my best thoughts and good-will towards the people of India, Pakistan, and Kashmir. 


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