Thursday, March 28, 2019

My response to someone who defends the present Israeli state

-- Nasir Khan,  March 28, 2019
If we go so long back in history, or even before the Christian era, many colonial empires rose and fell. Among them were ancient Egyptians and their control over the Middle Eastern countries. That came to an end. So was the case with the vast Persian empire or the Roman empire, Alexander's empire, the Mongol empires, etc.; they all came to an end. Over the last five centuries, the European colonization of the Americas took place. The colonial powers like Spain, Portugal, etc. lost their colonial possessions there. The British, the Dutch, the French and the Portuguese who had colonized most parts of Africa and Asia finally had to give up their colonies.

The colonial-settler state of Zionists that came into being with the help of British imperialists will also come to an end. It does not mean the people will disappear, but the power of this colonial Zionist state which closely follows the former South African colonial model of Apartheid system will not last forever. Hitler's Third Reich did not last a thousand years, as Hitler has thought it would. The Zionist state will not last thousand years either, if we can draw some lessons and conclusions from history.

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