Friday, August 29, 2008

Information for the readers and contributors to Nasir Khan blog run by Blogger

Nasir Khan, August 29, 2008

Some of our readers have informed me that they face difficulty to login to:

Nasir Khan blog (URL: )

Lately, I have also been facing many difficulties to login and publish. I had asked the Blogger Help some time ago to look into the matter, but without response. It seems there are a number of technical problems which an excellent blog service like Blogger needs to sort out.

Until Blogger fixes the problem, our readers should turn to my second blog:

Dr Nasir Khan blog (URL: )


MIR TARIQ said...

repected Sir u shpould Browse the new Daily english neews paper of KAshmir titiled as "Rising KAshmir" to get more more information about the state and atrpcities there of
Mir TAriq

Dr Nasir Khan said...

I have taken a look at your blog and am pleased to see your positive work in a difficult political environment. Like you, I also try to highlight the issues facing the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Kashmir, among others, for a wider audience. All we can do under the present cicumstances is to inform others about what the subjugated and oppressed people face at the hands of neo-colonialists and their armies.