Friday, August 15, 2008

The Question of Citizen's Arrest of War Criminal Gordon Brown and His Cabinet


Once again the most significant activity of the day was to chase those

who fail to reply to me concerning the only way to rid ourselves of Gordon

Brown, war criminal in chief, his Cabinet who are accessories to his foul

deeds and all public servants who support these wars. It appears that the

only way to stop Brown and all other New Labourites is for a Citizen’s

Arrest to take place.

So, much of today has been spent advising those most likely to respond

of how matters stand. These have included not only those concerned to stop

Brown at once such as my friend Nasir Khan, George Monbiot and the

Archbishop of Canterbury who has been opposed to the war from the beginning

as have the Lib-Dems, but also Phil Shiner the celebrated anti-war lawyer

and the National Critical Lawyers’ Group which links up with other legal

groups opposed to the war.

This ties up locally to groups with a two-fold connection. First in

determining who runs and controls Wolverhampton among the dozen or so

competing organisations claiming to do this, and also the possibility of

electing a local anti-war coalition of Tories who Oppose the War, Lib-Dems

who have opposed the war from 2003 when it started and Labour councillors

who should oppose the war but sit tight and say nothing . Some of these

councillors I have now named as Phillip Page, John Rowley and his wife Judith, Bishen

Dass, George Lockett, Tersain Singh and Frank Docherty the only Labour

councillor who opposed the war from the beginning. We’ll see whether naming

brings any response either from the named or the unnamed.

Crucial to both these two functions is Richard Cross, himself named as

the ‘regenerator’ while half dozen or more hydra-headed monsters

of ‘regeneration’ organisations operate in the same capacity.

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