Sunday, April 10, 2011

Egyptian protesters call for Mubarak trial

Thousands of Egyptian activists press ruling military council on promised reforms, justice.

Middle East Online, April 8, 2011

By Samer al-Atrush – CAIRO

Protests have been held regularly since Mubarak was toppled

Tens of thousands of Egyptian activists massed in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square on Friday to demand that former regime officials be purged and put on trial, including ousted president Hosni Mubarak.

Draped in Egyptian flags, Muslims were joined by Christians as they gathered for weekly prayers in a protest dubbed the “Day of Trial and Cleansing” to press the ruling military council on promised reforms and justice.

Muslim cleric Safwat al-Higazi, who led the prayer, called for Mubarak to face criminal charges.

“We don’t only want to try him for the millions (of dollars) but also for the blood,” he told the crowd.

“We want to try him just as he tried the people in state security courts, but we want a popular trial.”

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