Friday, January 30, 2015

President Obama in India

Nasir Khan, January 30, 2015

Professor Badri Raina is a canny writer whose obervations go deeper than merely embellishing some news for entertaining the Indian crowds. This is evident in his present article.

Obama represents the power of US imperialism and he is the president of US. But people like Modi may have miscalculated that the guy is in his pocket as a Hindutva devotee who is living far away from his Mother Country whose glorious children are scattered worldwide! So much chutzpah for Indian-ness, without realising that a foreign head of state should be treated according to the usual protocol, without owning him or her!

Then there comes in our Indian-ness. ‘He is just one of us!’ ‘The two are just like our own!' Oh, really? Obama must have been honoured with such adulation, no doubt!

But naivete and stupidity have no anchorage or limit. If Obama and Michelle’s looks were the point of focus then they certainly look like some of our Indo-Pakistani people who are dark-skinned, 'low- caste' people such as Dalits, the Dravadian races or swarthy, flat-nosed old tribals whose miserable lives have not changed much in the last three thousand years.

 BHO has a long tongue and some knowledge as well. He was not ensnared by Modi’s antics. By the way, we don’t see such patronising attitude extended to other black African people as own lost children in the Dark Continent!

Badri has poured some water of sanity on the issue and not followed our leaders to ‘re-baptise’ Obama and his wife in the Vedic faith and embellish them in the saffron chaders and dhotis but first  rubbing some cow dung on their foreheads to complete the sacred initiation into the Hindufold!

Obama: he came, he saw, he gave advice

Just when the Obama visit was going so swimmingly, bathed in the  glow of the Vedas and sundry saffron accoutrement, imagine what this Obama fellow, during an address to India’s aspirating youth, proud of the Vedic  yore, even if by hearsay, but yearning for a Yankee future, chose to do: as if  poking  a finger in the  Hindutva eye, this Obama made bold to say how “Michelle and I have been strengthened by our Christian faith.” No ghar vapsi (i.e. return to the all-encompassing original faith) there, you might well say, Vivekananda or no Vivekananda. Was he also insinuating that it might be wrong to vandalise churches etc.? In other words, teaching us tolerance on our own tolerant soil. Fingers crossed. We need his technology.

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