Monday, June 06, 2016

The death of Muhammad Ali

Nasir Khan, June 5, 2016

Muhammad Ali stood against an oppressive state, its war of aggression in Vietnam and the dehumanised existence of American blacks. Who could have imagined that this young black man who came from a humble background would defy the coercive power of the state for enlisting him in the US army for ‘serving’ the genocidal war in Vietnam? But he did that some 50 years ago.

He took all the risks of defiance in a heroic manner irrespective of the ensuing consequences for the cause of peace and truth. He left his mark in the history of struggle of black people for civil rights and equality. 

The world has come to recognise that he was more than a boxing champion. Both politically and socially, he was a man of high stature for whom billions of decent human beings can be proud of.

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