Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The god-circle

Nasir Khan, June 28, 2016

An easy way for me to exemplify god will be to compare it to a circle that has no beginning and no end.

All believers, who, no doubt, have diverse views and nuanced interpretations of what they mean by god, may run around this cirlce for all their lives; they will be running round and round endlessly. Running and running but getting nowhere because they are running in the same narow circle! A circle is a cricle; it has no starting point nor an end. 

However, if (and that is a big if ) they step outside the circle and reflect upon what they have been doing, for what and for what reasons may find something new. But not many will do so or can do so because to run in the trodden circle is a lot more comfortable than risking any step outside the path. 

 Early in my life I took the path away from the fiction of god and that has given me mental and spiritual freedom, option to use rational thinking, faculty to reject superstitious beliefs and dogmas, happiness and love for humanity without any fear of anyone from anywhere. The god illusion is out of my way and I feel I am a complete human being.

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