Saturday, January 23, 2016

India rules Kashmir with the help of bullets and bayonets

Nasir Khan, January 23, 2016
This is how the Indian state controls Kashmir. India has long claimed Jammu and Kashmir as 'integral part of India'. But when the people of Kashmir ask for the right to self-determination, the answer is the bullets. There are 700,000 Indian armed soldiers spread around every nook and corner of Kashmir. The call for freedom is treason and those demanding freedom are 'terrorists' according to the Indian state, who have to brutally crushed.

A helpless and voiceless people can only raise their hands to their God for help. But brutal killings and horrible crimes committed in Kashmir happen due to the actions of the Indian state authorities. They are the Indian soldiers who were ordered to crush the demands of freedom and they have been killing people. In my view, no god is responsible for such a situation, whether anyone calls that god a Muslims' god, Hindus' god, or Buddhists' god. These evil situations are created by human beings and only they can find some solution if they follow the way of our common humanity. The good will of Indian rulers can resolve the Kashmir conflict and bring peace to long-suffering people.


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