Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Killing of innocent people by individuals and by states through wars

Nasir Khan, January 6, 2016

Oh, what a sad sight! The kind-hearted and benevolent US president Obama has shed tears for the US children who were victims of gun violence! But he didn’t shed any tears on the cold-blooded killings of men, women, children and elderly by US drones, which he ordered. Is the gun violence worse than the drone killings and genocidal wars, which he and his predecessors have carried out remorselessly in Iran, Afghanistan and other places? To my knowledge, neither he, nor his predecessors shed any tears then!

For my part, I feel deep remorse and pain on the killing of any child by anyone whether that happens in the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza and the West Bank of the occupied Palestine or Syria, etc. When the killing of innocent people, men, women and children are undertaken by governments and their powerful armies, then the matter is not of some accidental shooting but is a result of state policies. Such killings on large scales are called genocides, and they are war crimes in international law. The United States of America tops the list of the militarist states that have committed genocidal wars and crimes against humanity after the end of the Second World War.

Anyone with common sense will accept that international law can only apply if there was the rule of law in the world. When there is the rule of bombs, guns, tanks and missiles, which the powerful states use to implement their political agendas and policies then the rule of law has no meaning any longer. What we should be doing is not to shed tears on this state of affairs but to find out ways and strategies that can be useful to implement rule of law and influence the militarist powers to seek peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. In this, the United States as the most powerful military power has a special responsibility in the world if it chooses an alternative course as a superpower. However, the chances of that happening are slim.


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