Sunday, January 03, 2016

Some have more than enough, others have nothing. Why is it so?

Nasir Khan, January 3, 2015


The host proudly says: "Thanks Almighty Allah for what what we have on our table! We have more than enough here; no one can go hungry from here!" One could hear a big roar of laughter of the revellers on hearing this.

An old man in his late seventies suddenly appears close to the dining table and politely says to the host: " Sir! But there are so many hungry and needy people in various places who are your Muslim brothers and sisters including millions of innocent Muslim children."

The host replies with a smile on his bearded face: "They should eat cakes! Anyhow that's Allah who is the Provider. He gives to whom He wishes; He leaves some out of all this! Why? Only He knows his secrets.. By the way, don't question the Wisdom of Allah because He knows everything and He knows best. You can be beheaded for your rebellious views."

"Guards! Show this ignorant man way out of our door and never let him come in again!" (Big laughter again!)

The questioner is pushed out of the premises. The party will go on as usual.
And then the questioner will turn to his computer and start writing his comments and ideas on such injustices he sees on his Facebook Timeline for others to read while the big parties go on.

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