Thursday, June 02, 2011

Further Israeli provocations on Jerusalem Day

 By Jean Shaoul and Chris Marsden,, June 2, 2011

Source: WSWS

Israelis youth dance and wave national flags during celebrations marking Jerusalem Day near the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem June 1, 2011.

Yesterday’s Jerusalem Day was an extraordinary political provocation, even by the normal standards of the event.

The celebration, marking 44 years since the “reunification” of Jerusalem, or more properly its seizure during the 1967 War, saw a heavily-policed march of thousands—composed predominantly of ultra-orthodox religious layers and right-wing settlers—through the Jewish enclave of Sheikh Jarrah, located in the Arab east of the city. The Palestinian Authority wants East Jerusalem to be the capital of any Palestinian state. Sheikh Jarrah has been the location of repeated clashes. Over 3,000 officers, including border police and undercover units, were on patrol across Jerusalem.

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