Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama’s 10,000 Troop Spit In The Ocean– Not Even Close to Good Enough

By Rob Kall,, June 23, 2011  

The experts this morning are all agreeing that a 10,000 troop reduction is tiny and insignificant. But we knew that and didn’t need the experts to tell us that.
Even reducing troops by 33,000 is totally weak, completely unacceptable. There were 35,000 troops in Afghanistan when Obama donned the mantle of president.
Of course, the media is saying that Obama stood  up to his generals and cut more than they wanted. Bull!!
            Obama, telling the nation he kept his promise
What we are witnessing is one more example of failure of leadership, failure to stand up to the people Obama is supposed to be commanding. Instead, he is, as people now expect him to do, “listening to the Generals.”  That’s not what Obama was elected to do. He was elected to make hard decisions.
We must face the reality that military leaders are like crack addicts, totally unable to cut down on troops, let alone embrace the idea that our mlitary must be cut to one quarter or less of its current size.

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