Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Syrian Peoples Rebellion, They Are On Their Own

By Dave Lefcourt,,  June 18, 2011


You have to feel for the Syrian people up against the relentless brutality of Bashar Assad.
The people continue to resist and refuse to back down against Assad’s crackdown that has killed hundreds, perhaps thousands even in the face of snipers and tanks using live fire and killing scores. Their quest for freedom seems unshakeable.

In Syria the army and the security forces come mainly from the minority Shiite Alawite sect while the majority of the Syrian people are Sunni and thus the sectarian divide of the ruler and the ruled.

So when we hear of Assad and his forces firing on his “own” people the great qualifier is the people are not represented in Assad’s inner circle or those in the military and security forces having allegiance to him.

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