Sunday, June 26, 2011

Uri Avnery: Sacred Mantras

By Uri Avnery, MWC News, June 26, 2011

Palestinian State

The Palestinians are planning something thoroughly obnoxious: they intend to apply to the UN for statehood.

obnoxious? Any Israeli spokesman (not to mention spokeswoman) will tell you readily: because it is a “unilateral” move. How dare they proclaim a state unilaterally? How dare they do so without the consent of the other party to the conflict - us?

A stickler for detail might ask at this point: “But was the State of Israel not proclaimed unilaterally?” Our state, it may be remembered, was declared by David Ben-Gurion and his colleagues on Mai 14, 1948, without asking anyone.

But who would dare to compare?

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