Monday, August 15, 2011

Paul R. Harris: After 2000 years, the Bible still can’t get its story straight

by Paul Richard Harris, Axis of Logic editor
Axis of Logic exclusive,  Aug 14, 2011
“The Bible is like a person, and if you torture it long enough, you can get it to say almost anything you’d like it to say.”
- Rev. Dr. Francis H. Wade

I’ve been watching the drama unfolding in the United States over who’s going to be running for elections in November 2012, on the off chance that it’s actually going to matter to anyone, including Americans, which clowns get elected. As an American comedian explains it, ‘When you go into the booth, your choice is between two bowls of shit. The only difference, is the smell’.

But I’ve become even more agitated than I used to be because of all the damn Bible thumping. The United States is currently polarized between multiple views of the greatest con job ever – religion. In this case, it’s mostly Christianity. And it’s getting worse.

So here’s the thing – ‘The Bible’ is the authoritative text for Christianity. The first part of it is holy to the Jews; even the Muslims make some concessions to it and actually think Jesus was a pretty decent fella.

In the United States – and to a lesser but still powerful degree here in Canada – the Bible is THE authority. The Bible is the Word of God (always capitalized). It is referenced constantly as the sole arbiter on what is right or wrong, and is frequently used to back up an amazing array of arguments – whether or not the Bible actually refers to the issue at all. In the US, it is almost inconceivable that anyone could hold high public office without making clear that this book guides his or her every thought. That’s not so much of a problem in Canada, although there is a frightening increase in the evangelical movement here.

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