Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lenni Brenner: Open letter to Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu

MWC News, Aug. 6, 2011

Netanyahu at US congress

To: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
From: Lenni Brenner


I applaud your offer to answer questions on any topic, from Arabs and others, worldwide. The old saying is correct: ‘Better jaw-jaw than war-war.’

As an 11 year old, I remember the creation of Israel in 1948 and the race between the USA and the USSR to recognize the new state. But, as I became a historian, I realized that the American public’s support for Israel was based on sympathy for the survivors of the holocaust, and the Biblical notion that God had given Israel to his chosen people. Few American Jews, fewer gentiles, had an in-depth knowledge of Zionism’s history. That remains true to this day.

You recently addressed America’s Congress. Many Americans support some of your positions. But few can outline your Likud Party’s politics beyond your speech, or know anything about its history. Revisionist Zionism is the dominant ideological movement in the party. Indeed your father was secretary to Vladimir Jabotinsky, Revisionism’s founder. But how many American politicians can define Revisionism? How many American Jews have read even one word by Jabotinsky?

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Nasir Khan said...

I am sure many will thank Lenni Brenner for his letter and also for reproducing Jabotinsky's article.

It does not come as a surprise to me to see that Zionists of all types and their supporters have one thing in common: they will do their best to obfuscate the message and views of Mr. Brenner.

Don't we know the old tricks and the media manipulation by the Zionists for so many decades? Anything new there?? Not at all. The fact remains that such tricks have worked to mislead many ordinary Americans and other people around the world. Playing upon the tragedy of the Nazi Holocaust while practising in the Nazi fashion, the Zionists have victimised the Palestinian people and usurped their land. Such policies have been the core of the Zionist agenda that all Israeli governments have pursued. At this time, the Washington rulers are under no illusion who controls the foreign policy of the only super-power. Natanyahu taught that lesson to Mr. President Obama and we all know that. Obama knows the role of power politics in America and the role of Zionists in American politics, both at home and outside.

Nasir Khan said...

asa wrote on Aug. 10, 2011

Before both of you Nasir and Roger, write your comments, read carefully the comments you are answering, Nasir "Gilad Atzmon" Claims that he is "Anti Zionist", while you Nasir accuse "Anti Zionist" "Gilad Atzmon" of being a Zionist that dose his best to obfuscale the views of Mr. Brenner.
Nasir, those are quotes and answers of "Gilad Atzmon" to Brenner views.
And you Nasir claim that "Gilad Atzmon" is a Zionist !

As for you Roger, I ment Quotes of "Gilad Atzmon" and "Lenni Brenner" regarding the above article, YOUR quotes and website, are completely irrelevant here.

Both of you share the same shallow old style propaganda, no facts, no arguments.

2011-08-11 03:13:40 | Nasir Khan's reply to asa's comment:

Hello asa

Your innovative comment cannot fail to impress me about your mental agility. And it is also possible that I may be a victim of cognitive dissonance which you were able to detect in my comment. I appreciate your concern. However, it strikes me that you are spinning arguments out of your whims and give them a 'logical form' that may surprise all and sundry!

First, my comment was not in reply to any comment. If you thought so then you know where the fault lies. It was my response to Lenni Brenner's article where I also briefly pointed to the role of Zionists' strategy and their tricks.

Secondly, no one will be able to see from my comment that I have said or implied that any anti-Zionist, such as Gilad Atzmon, is a Zionist! In fact, you are setting up your own premisses (both misleading and erroneous, unfortunately) and then proceed to draw your 'logical' deductions. Now I assure you that there is no logical entailment of anti-Zionist being a Zionist!

Finally, as a political analyst I may disagree or totally reject what you say or stand for but I will not show any disrespect to you as a fellow human being. By scoffing at the ignorance of anyone we do not earn any laurels for ourselves!

---Peace and Justice Post

Nasir Khan said...

Asa wrote:


Your big mistake is, that you did not read carefully, that NONE of what I wrote, is what I stand for, all I wrote where quotes by "Brenner and Atzmon" and as usual you jumped with your conclusions, so your basic issue in all your writing is false.

I quoted both Lenni Brenner and then a quote by Atzmon, that answers to Lenni Brenner ideas.
If you are an Analyst as you claim, if you stand for Brenner, while Gilad mentions that Brenner Ideas are a spin and his ideas are serving the Zionist cause, then you are the one who is misleading .

Read the quotes again.......... you will see that I did not come to "Any deductions", as I did not have to, the quotes are the information for you to understand and as an Analyst, you failed.

Nasir Khan replied:

Dear asa

Now I have become more convinced that what you write and how you explain things belongs to some sort of esoteric world of mysteries; one mystery followed by another and ad infinitum! But it seems that you an illuminating figure have to stand outside, only to adjudicate the divergent views peremptorily, with a clear right and wrong verdict, without bothering to go into the details how what you accept or reject has any basis in any credible evidence or can be substantiated by any extraneous factors. Just to toss around your preconceived ideas, say about some political matter, absolves you of any responsibility to offer a rational explanation of your views. That is not good. Not good at all from a rational point of view.

But you are entitled to call what I write as 'false'; I have no problem with that. I have already hinted to the issue about your mental 'agility' in a somewhat humorous way. I don't think that you could have noticed that! It is possible that you are not only illuminating, you may also be a political ilumanati!

You seem to think, according to your presumptions, that I support either Gilad or Brenner. I don't know why I should put myself in a situation where I accept your 'either or' or 'neither, nor' assumptions, which, in any case are naively speculative and quite off-the-mark. But it is true that I stand for the rights of Palestinian people and I oppose the anti-human, colonial depredations of the Zionist rulers of Israel. As a secularist, I also stand for the rights of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and atheists, all over the world.

I do not take what you say too seriously about me as an 'Analyst' and 'who is misleading'. According to your pontifical verdict, I have failed as an 'Analyst', then I don't know which authority to turn to have your personal verdict overturned! Perhaps, AIPAC, Natanyahy or some of their kind!!

I have presented what you say in a light way. That should be clear to all our readers. Perhaps, you need a clear analysis of who you are and what you stand for. But no serious 'Analyst' will bother to do that! I hope you know what I mean. I really do.